About Wizard of Oz Tests

I leave this more or less to the experts. Only some few words about these tests:

WOZ tests are useful in designing dialogue systems, which are driven by human speech. In the test scenario one person takes the role of the wizard, a second the role of a caller. Finally, one person just listens and writes a session protocol. My tool is designed to support the wizard at his task of finding the correct reaction of a system to a certain user input. 

This is normally done with the help of some pieces of paper. The WOZ tool provides the wizard

There are two principle ways to start designing your applications. You can either start by creating and connecting prompt and question objects, or by writing down some sample calls you have in mind, and generate a design from these calls. Finally, the design can be exported to various formats and imported into other systems. You can also easily create a VoiceXML prototype from your design.

You can read more about WOz tests in Wikipedia.